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  • Business support

    AO "TROITS'KE" has a long positive experience of legal support of enterprises. We offer a quality and affordable service, from contracting to participate in trials

  • Ligitation practice

    Our attorneys have extensive experience in judicial practice. We won a lot of cases. We are well guided in the civil, economic, administrative processes

  • Registration and liquidation of economic entities

    Registration and liquidation of LLC, PE, PJSC and others. Preparation of extracts,  certificates of bankruptcy, change CTEA, new charter, changing the founders, the new director, a new address

  • Accounting services

    AO "TROITS'KE" provides comprehensive services in accounting and tax accounting. Our experts will solve the problem associated with the preparation and submission of financial statements

  • Consulting

    If you need to make a decision that requires legal analysis, our lawyers will provide you with comprehensive data needed to make the right decision

  • Registration of the trade marks, patents

    Registration of trade marks (marks for goods and services) patents. Drafting license agreements. Copyright, protection of interests in courts

  • Criminal law

    Our lawyers, specializing in criminal law, will provide the necessary qualified support to the participantsin in a criminal proceedings