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Advocate's office "TROITS'KE" - is a rapidly growing law firm operating on the market for legal services. The Office brings together more than 10 practitioners, including attorneys. All the specialists have extensive experience in all areas of law. On account of our team a lot of successful lawsuits and the pre-trial negotiations.


As for legal security, of our customers do not care about any areas of their lives. AO "TROITS'KE" - is a proven and reliable rearward, allowing quickly and effectively to prevent and resolve potential problems.

Minimum participation of the customer in achieving the acceptable result for him - this is one of the factors by which our team for many years has a wide range of loyal customers. Reducing costs to achieve a result - one more important task is successfully solved by our lawyers.

Optimizing the time and correctly determine the range of tasks for the solution of a problem, we will offer our customers a completely unexpected and pleasant for them financial decisions.


"A weak peace is better than a good war." Time and cost savings of the client, the dominance of his interests - a priority in the work of our Office. If it's possible, all the problematic situations should be solved through negotiations. Experience shows that it is much more efficient, more productive and more appropriate than any argument, converted to a formal plane.

Openness and transparency of our specialists in the methods of achieving the objectives are an integral part of our strategy.

Customer satisfaction not only on performance but also on the achievement - a valuable contribution to the reputational treasury of our Office.


The palette of the legal instruments is rich and varied. Skillfully using them entirely possible to achieve the desired result without using of well-known, but expensive and unpleasant methods. Moreover, as our experience shows, the size of the awyer's fee is much less than the cost of the "alternative" ways of solving the problem. Therefore, highly qualified lawyers of LO "TROITS'KE" allows us to offer our clients a legal solution to problems without unnecessary costs.